CAHD-ACDH The national voice of Canadian hospital-affiliated dentists

About us



Prior to the establishment of CAHD, Canadian Hospital Dental Chiefs and GPR Program Directors met for several years to share concerns and discuss common issues. Many of the founders met initially and worked together through various activities of the Commission of Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC) –through accreditation site visits or committee work in support of CDAC. Over that time, it became apparent that there was a need and enough momentum to create a formal association to better carry out our vision.

CAHD was registered as an incorporated, not for profit organization in December 2014.

At its inaugural meeting in Vancouver in May 2015, the Canadian Association of Hospital Dentists – Association canadienne des dentistes en milieu hospitalier (CAHD – ACDH) was officially launched. Bylaws were passed and a Board of Directors was elected.

The Founding Members of CAHD are:

Dr. Debbie Fonseca
Dr. Larry Goldstein
Dr. Matthew Gustafson
Dr. Eduardo Kalaydjian
Dr. Linda Lee
Dr. Nicholas Makhoul
Dr. Veenu Mittal
Dr. Antonietta Paladino
Dr. Bill Preshing
Dr. Chris Robinson
Dr. Mel Schwartz
Dr. Hilal Sirhan
Dr. Michael Shimizu
Dr. Susan Sutherland
Dr. Mohan Teekasingh