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Annual Meeting Conference Speaker – Dr. Friedman

Dr. Clive Friedman


This presentation will provide for a dialogue on Special Care Dentistry.  A brief overview of a recent submission to the CDA on meeting the needs for Special Care Dentistry in Canada will be used as a springboard for this dialogue. Issues related to Barriers to care will be highlighted.  Differences between Hospital and Community based practice will be discussed based on the iADH post graduate curriculum and some of the recent research related to Attitudes to care will be presented.  Video material will be used to show some unique and alternative methodologies used within a community practice for approaching care to persons with special needs.

Clive Friedman DDS, Cert. Ped Dentistry

Dr. Clive Friedman is a Graduate of the University of Witwatersrand South Africa and received his specialty in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of New Orleans. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and Fellow  ADPD (Academy Dentistry for Persons with Disability) and has had a full time clinical practice since 1981.

Clive has been on Faculty at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry since 1981 and for the last 15 years has also taught the behavior seminars for the post graduate pediatric students at the University of Toronto. He is a past president of ADPD, ( Academy of Persons with Disability ) and iADH, ( International Association of Disability and Oral Health) and he currently sits on the editorial board of BSDH, (British Society for Disability and Oral Health) and is a member of the education committee for the iADH. Most recently they have published an undergrad and post grad curriculum for treating persons with special needs. For 15 years Clive was a member of the Clinical and Scientific Affairs Committee for the CDA where he chaired the committee on Early Childhood Caries. He has also been active on various other committees for the ODA, CDA, SCD, iADH and iAPD. In 2011 he received the Harold Berk Award for exemplary leadership and contributions for the advancement of oral healthcare for persons with disabilities and has also received the Ontario Dental Association award of merit for years of service to the dental profession.  Most recently, for the last 5 years he has been involved with creating and teaching local dentists in the establishment of long term sustainable oral health programs in Honduras.  These programs include school brushing programs and infant and prenatal programs.

Dr Friedman has published and lectured extensively both nationally and internationally with specific interest in Risk Management, Treatment for the Breast Feeding Dyad ,Early Childhood Caries, Motivational interviewing, Special Needs and Behavior.  He completed a leadership training program with “Co-Active® Leadership Institute” and has been involved in numerous workshops related to oral health, risk management and motivational interviewing.